Pilot of single engine plane loses engine, glides into airport like a boss

Kevin Mayes, pilot of a single-engine Cessna, was on his way to Sacramento from Seattle, WA when he suffered catastrophic engine failure at 9,000 feet. Luckily, he was close to an airfield at Hillsboro, OR. Kevin managed to glide to the airport, spiral down to the runway, and make a textbook non-powered landing, all while seeming to barely break a sweat.

While he may have been able to keep his cool during the emergency landing, he may have blown a gasket when he later found out his insurance company was not going to pay for his engine going kablooey in mid-air. "Had I crashed the airplane, hit something on the way down, or had any other following event, then insurance would have stepped in," he's quoted as saying. To try and cover the expense so that he can fly again, he felt he had no choice but to start a GoFundMe.