Michigan police issue press release about a possible Bigfoot sighting

Last week, a woman called police to report a suspicious figure lurking in her yard. Apparently a Facebook group for police scanner enthusiasts commented about it being a possible Bigfoot sighting. From the Macomb Daily:

…Officers searched the area but did not find a sasquatch or anything resembling the fabled large, hairy, ape-like creature.

Shelby Township police could not offer details on the search or the report Saturday because, according to a dispatcher, all of the officers who were working with the bigfoot sighting occurred were done with their shift and not available.

By then, local media outlets grabbed on to the Bigfoot story, apparently annoying police. At least that's what the Shelby Township police would have us believe, given the press release they issued:

The call was a shadow or silhouette captured on her camera. Officers responded and checked the area with no findings, the area checked clear. The suspicious incident was later reported as a Big Foot sighting per a scanner page on social media. After thorough investigation, there was no Big Foot sighting in Shelby Township.