Video of "attack" on Rudy Giuliani shows someone slapped him on the back

New York City newspapers reported this weekend that Rudy Giuliani was attacked while campaigning for his son, a candidate for governor of New York. And a man was indeed arrested and charged with assaulting him. Giuliani claims he was struck so hard it felt like being shot.

Video of this incident has emerged, though, and it shows a mere slap on the back.

Giuliani claims that if he were not in such good shape, this would have killed him.

The man should not have touched Giuliani at all. And from the reactions of bystanders, it's clear that the interaction was alarming and hostile.

To charge someone with a crime over this… "miniaggression" seems about right? … is a reminder that some of us are entitled to do much worse with impunity.

Even the tabloids can't quite bring themselves to eat this shit. The New York Post has now changed its earlier headline and language claiming that Giuliani was "attacked".

Remember political commentator Michael Tracey's claim to have been "shoved" by the elderly Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters in 2017? Video soon showed he was exaggerating: she merely pushed his mic out of her face. But Tracey didn't try to get Waters charged with a crime, either.

On a scale of political violence where "Maxine Waters brushes past Michael Tracey" is a 1, "egged the old-fashioned way" is a 5 and "JFK Assassination commemorative Lego set" is a 9, I'd hazard that Giuliani's backslapper ranks 2½ out of 10.