Cops are harassing the Uvalde mom who pulled her kids out of school during massacre, says her lawyer

The mom who ran into an Uvalde elementary school during a mass shooting to rescue her children when the police refused to go in says cops are now harassing her. Mark Di Carlo, the attorney representing Angeli Rose Gomez, said Uvalde police have targeted her at least twice since the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Texas last month that killed 19 children and two adults, according to HuffPost.

After Gomez criticized the Uvalde police who waited outside of the school for 70 excruciating minutes while the active shooter was inside, she was falsely accused by police of driving with illegal immigrants, according to Di Carlo. And then last week officers sat in a parked car in front of her house for 45 minutes, according to Di Carlo, flashing lights at her when she went on a walk with her mother. He also says her family has been warned by police not talk to the media.

From HuffPost:

"As far as we know there's two definite instances," Angeli Rose Gomez's attorney, Mark Di Carlo, told HuffPost of the hostility he said she's experienced after defying officers' orders and running into Robb Elementary School during the May 24 massacre to save her children. …

"She did act in a very brave manner," said Di Carlo, who said he's representing about 15 members of the Uvalde community. …

Di Carlo said Gomez believes she has since been targeted by police. She was pulled over for a traffic stop and falsely accused of having illegal immigrants in her vehicle, he said. About a week ago, a police vehicle parked outside of her home for about 45 minutes and flashed its lights at her and her mother while they were going for a walk.

Di Carlo said he wrote to the Uvalde Police Department about what happened, but has not received a response.