The"independent" report Uvalde paid a retired police detective to write has exonerated its coward cops

Police in Uvalde, Texas stood by for an hour as a gunman embarked on a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School there, refusing to confront or otherwise intervene as he killed 19 children and two adults. Though widely condemned for their behavior and an international disgrace—at one point hundreds of officers from many departmenrts were milling around and doing nothing in particular beyond stopping distraught gathering parents going in themselves—an "independent" report commissioned by Uvalde has found the first responders didn't do anything wrong.

The Uvalde City Council report, which was commissioned in July 2022, determined that no acts of misconduct were committed by Uvalde police Sgt. Donald Page, who was one of the first officers to discover children in other classrooms in the hallway and started evacuating them through exterior windows. …

At the conclusion of the presentation, Uvalde Councilman Hector Luevano said he was finally allowed to comment publicly and spoke directly to the community, calling the presentation of the report "insulting and embarrassing."

Uvalde Councilman Ernest W. "Chip" King III told the community he was "shaking with anger" during the recitation of the findings and apologized directly to the victims' families.

The investigation was conducted by Jesse Prado, a retired Austin police detective with 24 years of experience who conducted 36 internal investigations in his retirement career.

They paid a cop to investigate other cops and they got what they paid for. If you want justice, you won't get it from them.