Angry Democrat ranting against his own party is relatable but only helps the GQP (video)

With U.S. democracy under siege by the GQP, it's understandable why this irate Democrat is lashing out, even against his own party. "I'm not going to shut up about this," TikToker Alex Pearlman says (see video below). "Because you can't yell at the Republicans. They're not going to change."

"We're stuck with them," he continues, visibly incensed. "You can't shame them, you can't convince them, you can't trick them, you can't fuckin' out-plan them — but I can yell at the Democrat party."

And that he does, bashing millionaire politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Senator Mark Warner, and Rep. Don Beyer for their inability (so far) to stop the train wreck while continually asking for more campaign donations. "Stop fucking sending me emails. Stop sending me fucking texts. Stop fucking reading poems and singing goddamn karaoke!"

But this type of panic rant — although cathartic on some level — doesn't actually help the cause. Yes, it is frustrating to keep getting hit with fundraising requests while simultaneously getting hit with SCOTUS grenades on a daily basis, but turning on your own party leads to despair, which leads to inaction.

"We're the ones who are powerless," he says, telling politicians to get off their asses and do something — or get out. But, while I feel his exasperation, we are not entirely powerless. We can protest, we can vote (for candidates who actually have a plan), and yes, we can donate to politicians we think are best suited to fight the fight. His anger is absolutely valid, but it might have more impact if redirected.


You ever google stuff to just get angrier?

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