Locked out of Instagram? An OnlyFans creator shares her daring hack

Somehow I missed this one back in May: Meta's "Integrity" department sure seems to lack in the integrity department. Kitty Lixo has taught us the true nature of the gram and hopefully does not get viral but Meta can not be trusted.


An OnlyFans creator who goes by the name Kitty Lixo said on the podcast "No Jumper" that after her Instagram account got banned, she managed to get it reinstated by systematically having sex with Meta employees (formerly known as Facebook employees).

Lixo didn't say what got her banned in the short clip podcast host Adam Grandmaison posted on Twitter yesterday. But she did say that the first time it happened, she started sleeping with a friend at the company to get the account restored.

Later on, when she got banned again, she said she approached things even more organized manner.

"I went on his LinkedIn and I searched up [his connections] in the integrity department," Lixo said in the clip. "We met up. I fucked a couple of them. I was able to get my account back two, three times."