Fantasy nuclear-powered "flying hotel" is the Hiroshima of Hindenburgs

I love retrofuturism. I love those goofy bubble space helmets and laser guns with rings inexplicably surrounding the thin barrel. There's just something alluring about seeing how people from the 50s and 60s imagined life in the future. The most exciting aspect of the aesthetic is seeing the intersection between imagination and genuine innovation. Some retrofuturistic art and novels feature wall-sized televisions that were basically harbingering modern flat screens. And then, in other instances, they miss the mark completely, as in the case of jetpacks. I mean, we have 'em, but they're really not as cool as the Jetsons advertised them to be. 

In the video linked above, the Now This YouTube channel shows the design of a nuclear-powered "flying hotel". The hotel would house a miniature nuclear reactor that would allow the vessel to fly for years. Great on paper, but also a Hindenburg and Hiroshima crossover that no one was asking for.