Astonishing experimental skateboard video overlays successes and failures into a single shot

One More Try – an experimental skate video from Najeeb Tarazi on Vimeo.

Najeeb Tarazi's "One More Try" is a fantastic experimental skateboard video that overlays skaters missing and landing tricks into a single shot. From production studio Pomp & Clout:

Najeeb Tarazi created the film using a variety of automated rotoscoping techniques, including machine-learning enabled rotoscoping, to combine skaters's successes and failures into the same moment.

Inspired by 'ghost' runs in which people overlay dozens of attempts to complete a level of Super Mario, Najeeb wanted to apply the same concept to real-life. The result is a new kind of onion-skin that combines not just many time slices from a single attempt, but up to 20 distinct attempts at a single trick.