One More Try is a hypnotic video about skateboarders who refuse to give up

One More Try is a hypnotic video by Najeeb Tarazi about skateboarders who refuse to give up.

This incredible short film uses rotoscoping technology to show a clip of skateboarders successfully completing a trick, superimposed over clips of the times they didn't quite get it right. 

Seeing all the falls behind these skaters' eventual success in learning a new trick is greatly inspiring. Whether you're also a skater or trying to improve in a different skill set, this video is a reminder to not feel discouraged when you fumble- it's all part of the learning process. 

From Vimeo:

"One More Try" is a winner of the 2022 Best of the Year award. To explore the full list of winners, check out

Is One More Try the definition of sanity? Skateboarders try the same tricks over and over, but actually get different results. Each attempt is displayed simultaneously using rotoscoping techniques.

Directed by Najeeb Tarazi" 

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