Amsterdam's all-star cast won't be its draw

Hollywood has gone through several eras. In the 50 and 60s, the industry relied on larger-than-life stars to drive interest in a project. When the auteur era of the 70s arrived, stars were still crucial in generating a healthy box office, but writer/directors were the main draw for serious cinephiles and producers. In today's Hollywood- which I like to call the "franchise era"- movie stars mean less and less. Yes, there will always be marquee names that summon audiences, but the list of said names keeps shrinking. 

Since beloved characters and franchises birthed in other mediums now serve as the cornerstone for studio tentpoles, modern actors are more akin to models than the seasoned thespians of yesteryear. 2021's The Last Duel is a perfect example of how little movie stars matter in modernity. The Last Duel was helmed by Ridley Scott, packed with stars, and still failed to entice the public into a theater. Hopefully, Amsterdam, featured in the trailer linked above, won't suffer a similar fate. With an all-star cast that includes Michael B. Jordan, Margot Robbie, Christian Bale, and Chris Rock, Amsterdam is David O. Russell's first film since 2015's Joy.