MAGA Kook Kandiss Taylor doubles down belief that God's lightning destroyed Georgia Guidestones

Former Georgia Republican candidate Kandiss Taylor is doubling down on her assertion that God struck the Georgia Guidestones with lightning, despite all evidence that the monument was, in fact, bombed. In a recent video Taylor states:

I believe vandalism is illegal. And sometimes, people like to call vandalism instead of actually giving God credit, because they don't know how to explain what happens when God moves. So until I see a video that shows me anything but what looked like lightening or the hand of God moving on a situation, I'm gonna believe that it was God. If it was vandalism, then there's cameras everywhere, all over the place, that would have picked that up, and those people should be brought to justice. Do not put words in my mouth. I AM keeping record. Video footage, screen shots, and every single thing that's being said that's a lie, I'm keeping it. I believe in law and order in this country.

Nevermind that there's literally a video, released by Georgia Bureau of Investigation, that shows the monument being bombed, and another one showing a silver car driving away from the scene. Furthermore, this additional video also shows a person placing the device at the base of the monument and then running away. This is clearly a bombing, not a lightning strike. But I guess Kandiss is gonna believe what she wants no matter what. Shocking.