All the reasons why QAnon Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene is a toxic threat, and how easy it would be for Congress to expel her

I already thought I knew a lot about the fresh new face of the Republican Party, Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA).

I know she harasses teenage survivors of school shootings, thinks the shootings were faked as a plan to take away her guns, thinks the Pacific wildfires were started by Jews with space lasers, claims Democrats are part of a global cabal (she likes to pronounce it "cable") of satanic pedophiles, and has called for the execution of fellow members of Congress who don't share her beliefs.

But Steve Hofstetter's video revealed things about this treasonous racist I hadn't heard of before. Like how she called 9/11 a hoax, claimed Obama worked with the MS-13 gang to murder Seth Rich, said the 2018 election was an "Islamic invasion of our government," said Black people should be "proud" of Confederate statues, and hangs out with KKK leaders and neo-Nazis.

In this video, Hofstetter says it would be a simple matter to remove Greene. The U.S. Constitution makes it possible to expel a member of either House of Congress with a two-thirds vote. And this has happened 20 times before. That last time it happened was in 2002, so it's not without a recent precedent. What's stopping the House to get rid of her today?