Trump upset at Musk's lies

The United States Liar in Chief, Donald Trump evidently let loose on Elon Musk, for failing to buy Twitter and lying about how he votes. I would think that Trump would simply be jealous of all the kids Elon can afford.


Former President Donald Trump attacked Elon Musk at his rally on Saturday night in Anchorage, Alaska. While speaking about restoring "free speech" and stopping "left-wing censorship" under a prospective Republican legislative majority, Trump hit Musk over balking on his $44 billion Twitter deal. "Elon. Elon is not going to buy Twitter. Where did you hear that before? From me," Trump said. "You know, he said the other day, Oh, I' ve never voted for a Republican. I said: 'I didn't know that.' He told me he voted for me. So he's another bullshit artist." Trump concluded by calling Musk's contract with Twitter to buy out the company "rotten."