Watch: Amazing bass player shows before-and-now video of song it took 12 years to learn

It took 12 years to learn it right, but bassist Charles Berthoud finally nailed a solo to "U Can't Hold No Groove" by Victor Wooten. And it's fantastic. In the video below, he flips back and forth between a very early practice session — where simply playing the notes didn't make the song — and how he fully performs it now.

From YouTube:

What makes this solo hard is not the notes or even any extremely fast stuff. It's the fact that it only sounds remotely good if you're playing with great time, accenting the backbeat (beats 2 and 4) very strongly, playing everything very cleanly and have a wide variety of techniques down to the point where you don't have to think about them, including slap, strumming, double-thumb, tapping, harmonics and more. In other words, it has to groove beyond anything else. 12 years ago I could play the notes but it took a long time to make it sound the way I want!

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