Listen to a rare flexi-disc record of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and the "Voices of Marvel" from 1964

in 1964, members of Marvel Comics' fan club the Merry Marvel Marching Society received a fascinating flexi-disc record of spoken word from "your Bullpen Buddies" including Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Flo Steinberg, Sol Brodsky, Artie Simek, Chic Stone, Wally Wood, Dick Ayers, Don Heck, Stan Goldberg, and Sam Rosen. Steve Ditko isn't heard but he's the butt of a joke.

Below, an interview with Lee talking about the Merry Marvel Marching Society in which he tells the story of the "Voices of Marvel" record, saying:

To make it very different, something you couldn't get in any other club, I marched most of the staff across the street to a recording studio, and I remember they were grumbling all the way: 'Why do we have to do this? We got our strips to do. What the hell are we following Stan for and what's he got us doing now?' Anyway, we went up to the studio, and we made a recording. We hadn't rehearsed, it was all ad lib. I announced what we were, and who we were, and I introduced Artie Simek, our letterer… I think he played the harmonica for a minute. And I introduced Jack Kirby who said, 'What am I doing here?' It was funny, it was really funny, and the… the members loved it."

Stan Lee image: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

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