This sashimi on ice looks like a delight

Presentation is everything. Pulp Fiction is a great movie, but would it be as celebrated a film if Tarantino presented the events chronologically? There's nary a benefit to telling the story out of sequence aside from garnering style points. In the culinary world, style and presentation are the main factors that create price tiers. Even accounting for rare or unique ingredients, most expensive restaurants crank up their prices based on how elegantly they present a dish. In regards to fabulous presentations, very few cultures can rival the Japanese.

I'm a hibachi addict, and I know that the majority of my bill is based on the culinary wizardry on display behind the grill. The same goes for great sushi. The Japanese have a fantastic understanding of how to make food look cool- and in some cases, literally. In the post linked above, you can see an awesome sashimi arraignment carved from ice. If you haven't booked your ticket to Japan yet, I hope the video entices you to reconsider the decision.