Pete Buttigieg shuts down lying pro-gas lawmaker with quick concise facts (video)

Conspiracy theorist Rep. Scott Perry (R–PA), who promoted the bizarre claim that military satellites flipped votes from Trump to Biden in 2020, foolishly tried to push another false claim in front of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who immediately shut him down. (See video below.)

"The price of an EV is about $55,000," and actually much more, the GQP lawmaker said to Buttigieg in an attempt to disparage electric cars in light of higher gas prices.

But always prepared, Buttigieg set the facts straight in his signature calm and clear-cut style, with prices that ranged from a $26,000 "American-made 2022 Chevy Bolt" to a $39,900 Chevy Silverado EV. He then explained that his first plug-in hybrid, which was slightly used, cost only $14,000. Another day, another alternative fact diffused.

Front page thumbnail image: C-Span (screengrab)