Florida's Attorney General mocked after bashing Biden for 2020 protests — when Trump was president

Another stable genius emerges in MAGAland. Bravo to Florida's whip-smart Attorney General Ashley Moody, who boldly bashes Joe Biden for being a do-nothing president in the summer of 2020 — when Donald Trump lived in the White House.

"Where in the world is @Joe Biden?" the Democrat-turned-Trump sycophant Xitted yesterday. "In the summer of 2020, it took months for Biden to call cities and towns being burned, stores being looted and cops being attacked 'riots.' A real leader would step up and stop this anarchy." (See below, reposted by Ron Filipkowski.

Of course, it was the former twice-impeached president — Trump — who was sleeping on the job in 2020 during the summer of protests and riots ignited by the George Floyd murder. And although Moody was simply using alternative facts, she and her MAGA logic were immediately mocked by commenters.

"Thank you to Florida's MAGA AG for absolutely destroying Donald Trump," MeidasTouch's Filipkowski said, reposting her insightful words.

"Maybe you should focus on getting the FACTS straight before you post something like this," another commenter advised. "I know the MAGA cult is fine with alternate facts but the real world isn't."

"Who was the president in 2020?" one person challenged, before giving Moody a much-needed hint "A tip: It wasn't Biden."

And, last but definitely not least: "Not the sharpest tack in the box."