Sen. Ron Johnson stunned when CNN asks him to back up his MAGA lies (video)

Sen. Ron Johnson (M–WI) strayed from Fox News yesterday and learned a hard lesson: other news outlets want facts. So the MAGA conspiracy peddler was momentarily stunned into silence — twice — when he tried to tell CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins that the country is riddled with Democratic fake electors. (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

"Democrats have done the same thing, [but] Republicans have never tried to criminalize it," Johnson claimed, both admitting what Republicans have done while employing a far-fetched whataboutism.

"In Wisconsin there have been fake slates of electors?" Collins asked, trying to clarify his statement.

To which Johnson, caught off guard, momentarily paused before coming up with: "No, it's happening in different states."

"Which ones, Sir?" Collins asked.

"I didn't come prepared to give you the exact states, but it's happened repeatedly," the vague lawmaker said, sounding more like a schoolboy caught in a lie than a U.S. senator. "It has happened repeatedly. Just go check the books."

"Which books?" the relentless Collins asked.

And again the flummoxed senator went silent before spouting off an alternative fact. "There have been alternate slates of electors by Democrat electors in our history." And then he comically complained, "This wasn't what this interview was going to be about."