Tempe "UFO" identified as lenticular cloud

Tempe, AZ resident Nesha Higgins recently posted a video on her Tik Tok capturing something that definitely looked like a UFO or alien spaceship. The Tik Tok currently has over 350,000 views and over a thousand comments, including lots of speculation that aliens are visiting us!

Some speculated that it's actually a promo for Jordan Peele's new movie, NOPE, but Peele himself chimed in, saying, "That one's not mine." Local news meteorologist Krystle Henderson explains that this phenomenon is actually called a lenticular cloud:

"Those clouds are notorious for being described as UFOs," Krystle said. "They have a smooth, oval flying-saucer-shaped look. They can be singular or stacked like pancakes. If you google lenticular clouds you'll see other photos and see what I mean."

While they're not the most common cloud formations in the world, Arizona has conditions that are perfect for helping them form.