Accidental killer talks about living with guilt

"I'm always going to be processing it." Back in 2011, Jacob Dunne threw a single punch that cost a man his life. He served 14 months on a manslaughter sentence but now has to grapple with what he's done forever.

In this emotional LADBible TV interview, he talks about the incident, what it was like to speak to the victim's parents, and how he's moving forward from his despair. As part of that process, he's launched a campaign to raise awareness that "a single punch can kill." This interview is part of it, as is his new book, Right from Wrong: My Story of Guilt and Redemption.

Jacob's story is in some ways unique, but it is also reflective of the experiences of young working-class men and boys across the country. By reflecting on his story, he hopes he might help people to avoid the kind of mistakes he made. In the process he points to the societal reforms needed in order to avoid an endless cycle of criminality and hopelessness.

Right From Wrong is a deeply humane and honest book, and an unflinching look at men's mental health and emotions at a time when our awareness of these things is of crucial importance.

Thumbnail image: LADBible (screengrab)