Department of Defense announces ambiguous and disquieting "All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office"

Does anyone know exactly what the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office will be doing? I'm not sure the Department of Defense does, as its announcement is a masterpiece of military-bureacratic ambiguity and circumlocution evoking everything from the funny guy with the sign outside Area 51 to eldritch horrors.

synchronize efforts across the Department of Defense, and with other U.S. federal departments and agencies, to detect, identify and attribute objects of interest in, on or near military installations, operating areas, training areas, special use airspace and other areas of interest, and, as necessary, to mitigate any associated threats to safety of operations and national security. This includes anomalous, unidentified space, airborne, submerged and transmedium objects.

The SCP Foundation wants to have a word: