China is having some money trouble

China's economic rise over the last few decades has been steady and meticulous. The country has been ardently laboring in silence to become the frontrunner in the global economy, and they've honestly been nailing it. Blizzard became a mouthpiece for China only a few years ago during the Hong Kong protests. Disney even faced a ton of backlash for filming the live-action Mulan adjacent to the site of the Uyghur Muslim concentration camps. For most companies, the chance at earning a crack at Chinese dollars was tantalizing enough for them to abandon their already slender set ethics in a heartbeat. 

Nowadays, China's financial future isn't nearly as stable. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Business Basics explains how a multi-billion dollar banking scam has caused Chinese citizens to lose faith in their financial institutions. The images contained in the video of Chinese tanks gathering to intimidate protesters illustrate how severe the banking crisis in China has become.