AOC doesn't let gun CEO play stupid about white supremacy tattoos in ads (video)

Gun manufacturers are denying that they market AR-15s to white supremacists (or Christian Nationalists, if you're in Marjorie Taylor Greene's clan). But Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn't let Marty Daniel of Daniel Defense play stupid with her today when he sat before the House panel.

"Can you tell us what that tattoo is?" she asked the CEO, pointing to a Daniel Defense ad that features a shooter sporting a white supremacist hate symbol on his arm.

Daniels acted more like a new intern than a CEO, asking Ocasio-Cortez to clarify whose ad she was talking about. "Is this our ad or someone else's ad?"

"Yes, this is your ad," she said patiently, as if she were his onboarding trainer. She then turned to expert witness Kelly Sampson of Brady: United Against Gun Violence, who explained that the tattoo is "a Valknot, and it's a [Norse] symbol that has been increasingly embraced by white supremacists."

Ocasio-Cortez then proved to be a Boing Boing reader when, pointing to a photo of the infamous QAnon Shaman — also used in Daniel Defense marketing materials — she said, "Right there, from January 6, you can see the Valknot right there on uh, this uh, gentleman's chest. … Yes or no, are you aware that your advertising department uses imagery affiliated with white supremacist movements in its marketing materials?"

And of course Daniel said, in a very gentlemanly manner, "No ma'am, I don't think I do."