Man abandons wife after she births their fifth set of twins

Humans with peculiar and borderline superhuman abilities will always stoke the imagination of the masses. Let's be honest; humans are woefully lacking in cool, natural abilities compared to other animals. Barring our massive and deadly efficient brains, most of our physiology is astonishingly weak. We can't fly; we're not amphibious, and we can't regenerate limbs. As a result, when a human exhibits bizarre biological gifts, we, as a species, usually celebrate them. In the case of Nalongo Gloria, a mother of ten from Uganda, her unusual ability consistently conceive twins caused her husband to withdraw his support from their marriage. 

Gloria became a global news story after her husband ended their marriage because the couple welcomed their fifth set of twins. In addition to the departure of her husband, several of Gloria's older children have also abandoned the family. As one could imagine, Gloria has suffered tremendous financial strain as a single mother of ten children. Despite her situation, Gloria is grateful for all of her children and could never imagine abandoning them. 

Devastated Nalongo said her partner had previously threatened to walk out on her if she failed to produce just the one child after allegedly setting out a list of terms and conditions. "The man told me he can't take care of me with the dogs," she told NTV Mwasuze Mutya. The dad reportedly disappeared one night following their births as Nalongo was left to single-handedly raise the children. She said many of the older siblings have already flown the nest with their whereabouts unknown. And amid further tragedy, the mum said she could even be forced to find a new home as the family struggle financially.