Self-proclaimed Red Bull addict and accomplice allegedly stole dozens of cases of the drink, led Vegas police on high-speed chase

On July 13, a gentleman allegedly attempted to steal 20 cases of Red Bull from a Las Vegas Smart & Final store but escaped after telling workers he had a gun. The next day at Costco though, the same fellow apparently pushed a cart full of Red Bull out the door without paying and, after a scuffle with a "loss prevention officer" at the store, took empty-handed. Then, on July 20, a woman did the same thing at a different Costco and, after pepper-spraying an employee, sped off with 25 cases of Red Bull in a car driven by the gentleman from the prior attempted thefts. The following day, Vegas police spotted the vehicle and attempted to pull them over. Thing is, Red Bull gives you wings.

After 15 minutes of a 100mph+ pursuit and assistance of a police helicopter, the suspects finally pulled over and started walking away at which point police were nabbed the beverage bandits, identified as Eugene Davis and Angela Sharp.

From Fox5Vegas:

Police said they found approximately 190 mostly unopened cans of Red Bull in the vehicle and in the trunk, the report said.

Sharp told police she participated in the theft incident the day prior and wanted to apologize to the worker. According to police, Sharp cited a Red Bull addiction as the reason for the incident. Sharp reportedly didn't admit to the other theft incidents.

Davis admitted to all four incidents but said the violence that happened after the thefts was to defend themselves, the arrest report said. Davis said they were homeless and stole the items to resell, the report said.