Unjected is a dating site for unvaccinated "safe blood" people

I was on Facebook the other day and somehow got recommended a Facebook Live that was called "Pure Blood Love Live." I was like huh, does "pure blood" mean what I think it does? I watched a little of the video and read a bit of the page it was featured on—which was an anti-masking group—and sure enough, yes, by "pure blood" they mean "folks who haven't gotten the COVID-19 vaccination." So I wondered how common this was and decided to see if I could find out more.

Turns out that during the first year of the pandemic, many dating sites for the "vaccine free" popped up all over the world, while mainstream dating sites like Match, eHarmony, and Tinder also added a feature so you could narrow your choices by vaccination status. I guess both of these phenomena aren't too surprising, and surely being able to narrow your choices to either vaxxed or unvaxxed is helpful to the folks using the sites. But one of the most popular dating sites for the unvaccinated, "Unjected," takes all of this to another level. Unjected embraces language around blood purity (see their website description of themselves, below) — "mRNA free blood," "tainted blood supply," "safe blood match," "integrity of the population" — that is disturbingly reminiscent of Nazi discourses about "purity of blood."

As the Museum of Tolerance explains:

Hitler's racial ideology stemmed from what he called "the basic principle of the blood." This meant that the blood of every person and every race contained the soul of a person and likewise the soul of his race, the Volk. Hitler believed that the Aryan race, to which all "true" Germans belonged, was the race whose blood (soul) was of the highest degree. God Himself had, in fact, created the Aryans as the most perfect men, both physically and spiritually.

Maybe this connection is a huge stretch, but at the very least folks should be aware of the language they are using and seek to find other ways to express their ideas, if they don't want people to make that leap. So what is Unjected? The website describes the site and project this way:

Created by two moms in Hawaii, during the height of the vaccine rollout spring 2021; Unjected is a multi-faceted platform of health conscious, covid-19 unvaccinated humans who believe in medical freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of speech & bodily autonomy. After slander in the media, we have grown to an ever multiplying 110,000 members in 85 different countries around the world in pursuit of love, friendships, community, business connections, and even mRNA free blood directories & fertility directories to protect the integrity of the population.

-Unjected is for any Covid-19 unvaccinated adult, who is looking for connection with like minded individuals in their area or across the world.

-Features to help you find love with mRNA free partners.

-Find friendships with those who truly understand "what's really going on."

-Social feeds without fact checkers.

-Listings features to connect and do business with those who have always been mandate free or find local artists and creatives to support your local unvaccinated community.

-If you're concerned about the tainted blood supply, find your safe blood match. Or even if you're looking for mRNA free donors for reproductive services. Unjected is for you.

Recently, a programmer called GeopJr discovered that the Unjected website was a security risk and all of its users' data were vulnerable. The Daily Dot explains:

The site's administrator dashboard was openly accessible to anyone. The dashboard allows Unjected's administrators to add, edit, or deactivate pages, such as the website's "About Us" section, as well as users' accounts.

The discovery was made after GeopJr noticed that Unjected's web application framework had been left in debug mode, allowing them to learn pertinent information "that someone with malicious intent could abuse."

After the Daily Dot set up a test account on the platform, GeopJr was able to change the account's private email address, username, and profile picture. GeopJr was also able to edit a public post made by the Daily Dot and change its wording.

Other data such as the site's backups could be downloaded or deleted. GeopJr was able to give away $15 per month subscriptions to Unjected as well as reply to and delete help center tickets and reported posts.

When alerted to the security vulnerability, Unjected's co-founder Shelby Thomson emailed the Daily Dot to inform them that the Unjected security team would fix the problem ASAP. Even after 'fixing' the vulnerabilities, however, users continued to report "running into numerous glitches on Unjected that made their personal information even more exposed than before."

Good job, Unjected, way to be on top of things! It's shocking—SHOCKING, I tell you!—that a website devoted to anti-vaxx "pure blood" propaganda would somehow not be fully knowledgeable on cybersecurity and up to date on security protocols. As if you needed any more reasons to stay far far away.