Who is running ads on the far-right social network Gab?

Far-right twitter clone Gab (previously) now runs ads, and Molly Conger waded in to see who is advertising. Various far-right politicians are up there, such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, but the overwhelming majority that Conger saw were for gold, testosterone boosters, a variety of prepper/tactical junk, and covid quack favorite ivermectin being sold as a cure for cancer.

She tracks it down and it's a sad and sleazy as you might expect: the same notorious pandemic profiteers covered by NBC News.

as for where the pills actually come from? i have no idea. i did not spend $190 to order prescription dewormer from a canadian disaster profiteer to find out. … PLEASE do not use homeopathic gel as a replacement for hand sanitizer or wound care and for god's sake do not take pills you bought off an ad on a nazi website. prescription dewormer is great if you have worms. it will not cure cancer.