Conservatives push fake photoshopped headlines, knowing that few will check

The Atlantic published a story praising the "Quiet Courage of Joe Biden's Negative Growth Economy." We know because conservatives such as Dinesh D'Souza screencapped it and insisted that it was real, not satire or parody. But it is the latter, of course—the latest of many.

"This image is fabricated, and is not an actual Atlantic article," Anna Bross, senior vice president of communications for The Atlantic, told The Associated Press on Friday in an email. "We are reporting this as fake and as a trademark infringement."

The usual commentary is to say "they didn't even check to see if it was satire!" and to elaborate on how they don't care if it's true or not before posting—and maybe to chuckle at the "irony" of them insisting it's true. But the "post-truth bullshit era" is a red herring for the "fuck-truth lies era" that we're actually in, which is why they insist that satire is real. All that matters is that the libs are owned and the hate is bubbling over. We assume stupidity not because Hanlon was right but because dealing with malice is hard.