Marjorie Taylor Greene identifies exactly which assault rifle she wants elementary students to carry

Having warned us of Jewish Space Lasers, Georgia's 'Gazpacho Police' fearing, super screamy, and in-your-face US congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks the horrible events at Uvalde, Texas' Robb Elementary School would have seen a better outcome had only the children carried kid-sized assault weapons. The stupidity knows no bounds.

Crooks and Liars:

WEE1 Tactical — which doesn't even have a website — is a new high-powered weapons manufacturer for the under- 18 demographic. It's like an AR-15 for your kiddos. Isn't that cool? Why not throw in some combat uniforms for the first graders, too? Helmets are another idea. And combat boots for when Jimmy from the 4th grade has to wade through his schoolmates' blood to get to the exit. And all of them should wear camouflage. I'm sure Marge would like that.