I am addicted to this Chinchilla's Instagram feed

Meet Phil E. Chinchilla. His Instagram page describes him as: "a floof from Pennsylvania who loves his mommies." He's adorable, all fluffy and big-eared and tiny-hand-and-footed. He's so chill, and I love how at the beginning of lots of his videos his mom rubs his belly and "fluffs" him up (like you would do with a pillow, sort of) to make him look his best.

His page is a fun peek into what chinchillas are like, which is something I have no firsthand knowledge of.

Enjoy Phil doing all the things he does best. Here's Phil modeling a variety of cowboy hats. Here's Phil modeling a pumpkin costume. Here's Phil dancing while wearing a top hat. Here's Phil wearing a fake eyelash like a mohawk. Here's Phil taking a dust bath. And here's Phil with an inspirational message.