These geriatric ravers (aka, "gravers") are still partying hard

In this video we learn about gravers, aka "geriatric ravers" who are still dancing at festivals and getting loaded. It's awesome to see people of all ages dancing and having fun. On the contrary, there are health risks that older ravers are more susceptible to than young ravers. In an interview with one of the older ravers, Garry, we learn that believes "you're never too old to rave," but that you should know your limits and when to take breaks. Throughout the rest of the video we hear from a variety of other gravers who talk about the ups and downs of their lifestyle.

From the YouTube description:

"It's commonly accepted that your 20s is the time to get completely off your nut before calming down and respecting yourself. But increasingly, it seems that British people have a different idea. 

Over 3.7 million over-45s go raving once a week in the UK, and there has been a 518 per cent increase in over-60s being treated for cocaine abuse since ten years ago.

These older ravers face worrying health risks that younger ravers don't – the drugs are stronger, and their hearts aren't. Will physiology prove to be the ultimate party pooper, or have these pioneers unlocked the key to eternal youth."