After 43 years, this tiny electronic gadget shop in Tokyo is closing down

If you're interested in video games, manga, anime, Japanese toys, capsule toys, claw machines, and electronics, then Akihabara, Tokyo is the place for you. This vibrant district is known as Japan's "Electric Town" and offers a wide variety of shops and attractions to explore. Even if you're not a collector, Akihabara is still a great place to browse and people-watch.

One of the most fascinating parts of Akihabara is a mall filled with stalls that sell electronic components and gadgets. In this video, we meet the proprietor of one of these stalls, who is retiring after 43 years.

YouTube description:

For 43 years, Koichi has sat in the same little spot & sold tiny electronic gadgets to thousands of Akihabara customers. He is part of Tokyo's history. He is part of Japan's history. And now… it is all coming to an end. And before it does, I wanted to take this one last chance to tell his story.