WB still hasn't green-lit a sequel for The Batman yet

Ever since the merger between Warner Brothers and Discovery, there hasn't been a single day where the former company isn't in the news. Whether it's HBO Max's overhaulBatgirl's questionable cancelation, or anything related to Ezra Miller and The Flash, Warner Brothers appear to be locked in a perpetual state of Defcon 1. The one solid takeaway that superhero fans can extract from the chaotic merger is that WB supposedly has a "ten-year plan" for their struggling DC cinematic universe. Aiming to create a rival studio to Disney and Marvel's MCU has caused WB to ax a host of projects, and it seems like a sequel to The Batman is on that list. 

According to Variety, despite earning the studio a cool $700 million, there are no plans solidified for a sequel to Matt Revees' brilliant take on the Caped Crusader. The decision is puzzling as a sequel to the Joker, which earned $1 billion at the box office, is still underway. Considering that The Batman made $700 million during a pandemic, it's reasonable to believe a sequel would net the studio an even larger return. 

The Batman 2 is thought to be in development, with writer/director Matt Reeves as well as star Robert Pattinson both returning. But it's still years away from the box office, and Warner Bros. Discovery hasn't officially given it the go-ahead. This is despite WB confirming the film with an announcement back at CinemaCon. The Batman was a huge hit, at least by pandemic standards, when it debuted earlier this year – earning an impressive $700 million worldwide. A sequel is highly likely to still be on the cards, despite recent troubles at the studio in the wake of the Warner Bros. Discovery merger.