Confused driver takes her SUV inside a shopping mall (video)

Shopping malls can be chaotic and confusing, and so it was for an elderly woman who entered a shopping mall today near Boston not on foot but while driving her SUV (see videos below). The driver maneuvered her white Lincoln MKX across the South Shore Plaza's pedestrian bridge before cruising through the mall's automatic doors, according to WCVB5. Once inside the Plaza, she took a left turn and traveled about 60 yards down the second story corridor, finally stopping after passing about four storefronts.

From WCVB5:

"Due to a recent accident, one of the safety bollards was missing from the front of the entrance," police explained.

Surveillance video shows the SUV driving slowly into the mall, hitting a shopping cart dock, reversing and then going around the dock. …

"She says, 'Do you know how to get out of here?' And I said, 'Stay right here. I'll get somebody.' And she kept on creeping forward," said [witness Janet] Parsons.

Videos from witnesses showed police backing the car down the corridor to get it out of the building.

Fortunately nobody was injured, no arrests were made, and the driver was sent to a hospital for a check up.

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