Woman who quit job gave colleagues "sorry for your loss" candles on the way out

Branka Oljaca, 24, decided to quit her job as a dental assistant in Adelaide, Australia to pursue her side hustle of candlemaking. As a goodbye gift to her colleagues, she gave them candles with the words "sorry for your loss" and a photo of her face emblazoned on them. Her video above received more than two million views. Great marketing! From Wales Online:

"I'm extra so I wanted to make a big deal as I left. Thankfully everyone found them hilarious.

"My friend sent me a video the next day of her lighting the candle and fake crying to mourn me."[…]

"My mum thought it was a terrible idea," Branka said. "Then she saw how many views my video had and changed her mind."

image: Anshuman Tiwary/Shutterstock