Cleverly-named candles fund donations to progressive organizations

I was shopping the other day and spotted some candles made by a company called "Virgins on Fire Candle Co." Jesse Regis, founder, describes the company and its products:

I launched Virgins On Fire in June of 2020 seeking creative and financial independence from everyone who ever told me to sit down and shut up. With funny and subversive candles reflecting people, places, and wild ideas, Virgins is about shedding other people's expectations, and moving forward on my own terms. My mission: To BE a Virgin On Fire    

From Virgins on Fire Candle Co. these quality jar candles are made with 100% soy wax and handmade in Brooklyn, NY using only safe phthalate-free fragrances sourced from socially responsible suppliers.

They have some terrific products that smell great and are cleverly named—and some purchases include donations to organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Here are some of my favorites:

This Candle was Handmade by a Gay Man (Sage and Lavender)

Because Fuck You — $5 for Planned Parenthood (White Sage & Lavender)

Condescending Barista (Coffee)

America: Destroying Itself from Within (Amber & Driftwood)

Dark Void Filled Only by Plants (Amber & Rose)

Emo Prom Date (Vanilla & Raspberry)

Drag Queen Story Hour (Bergamot & Tea)

The candles also have great descriptions. "Drag Queen Story Hour": "A light and refreshing white tea with a fragrant touch of bergamot, this candle is perfect for indoctrinating children with messages of inclusion and love." And "This Candle was Handmade by a Gay Man" includes the description, "not a multinational corporation with a rainbow logo 30 days out the year."

Go support a small, independent, LGBTQ-owned business! I can personally attest to their candles smelling awesome!