Craig Walsh's "Monuments" art installation uses live trees to bring static impressionism to life

Using trees as dynamic projection surfaces for portraits, attenuated between the interplay of shadow and light, Craig Walsh creates evanescent reflections on life, born by viewer imagination since the first Monuments installation in 1993.

Monuments aims to challenge traditional expectations of public monuments and the selective history represented in our civic spaces. Cleverly deconstructing its own definition by humanising the monument, there is a temporary fusion of everyday individuals with other living species occupying shared areas. Undermining the permanent historical and public art models so often controlled by subjective motivations, Monuments recognises the infinite contributions which influence our understanding of place. Monument installations are customized for each site through the selection of the portraitures celebrated.

Craig Walsh | Monuments website

I've got an uncle with a bunch of burial plots that no one wants, so perhaps a DIY version of this could make for an interesting burial monument complete with audio, and I'd have to include a menacing "Return the map" floating head recreation from Time Bandits.