Eno performing gorgeous, haunting "There Were Bells" from forthcoming album ForeverAndEverNoMore

In this performance from last August, at the Acropolis in Athens, Brian Eno (along with brother Roger, Cecily Eno, Leo Abrahams, and Peter Chilvers) performs "There Were Bells," a track from his forthcoming album, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE.

The new record, due in October, explores, among other things, the theme of climate emergency. This quote from Brian may explain something of the haunting and seductive mood of this track, and what may be in store for the rest of the record.

I'm more and more convinced that our only hope of saving our planet is if we begin to have different feelings about it: perhaps if we became re-enchanted by the amazing improbability of life; perhaps if we suffered regret and even shame at what we've already lost; perhaps if we felt exhilarated by the challenges we face and what might yet become possible. Briefly, we need to fall in love again, but this time with Nature, with Civilisation and with our hopes for the future."