Disney + is going to make a new King Kong series

Disney Plus feels like the bizarro version of HBO Max. Or maybe it's the other way around. Whereas Warner Brothers are struggling to fix their ailing superhero universe and refusing to release completed DC projects on HBO Max, Disney is making a killing with Marvel television shows on their streaming service. While HBO Max is focused on purging their animated content -much like an alcoholic reflexively purges that last swig of Natural Ice to keep their system from failing- Disney Plus is spending a ton of money on a slew of Simpson specials that no one watches. 

After a repeated series of losses, HBO Max finally got a win in the form of Game of Thrones: House of the Dragonwhich went on to draw 10 million viewers. To which Disney said, "you guys have a giant dragon? We have a King Kong." According to Deadline, James Wan's Atomic Monster production company is gearing up to create a King Kong series for Disney Plus. 

An iconic monster is headed to Disney+. Disney Branded Television is in very early development on King Kong (working title), a series for Disney+ tracking the original story of the famous ape. Deals have just closed for the project, from James Wan's Atomic Monster, which would mark the first live-action series set in the Kong universe.