Arrested: Esmeralda Upton, filmed in violent racist attack against Indian Americans

You would think that a parishioner at a church called the Prince of Peace would be a peaceful person, not someone who would walk up to a group of Indian American women and say, "I hate you fucking Indians." But there you have it. Esmeralda Upton (58), a real estate agent in Plano, Texas, was arrested and charged with assault and making a terroristic threat after she was filmed verbally and physically assaulting the women.

The encounter took place at the Sixty Vines Wine Bar parking lot in Plano. After watching the video, some commenters have remarked that Ms. Upton may have taken a sip or two of the establishment's specialty, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes, called wine. Alcohol is a drug known to diminish inhibitions, revealing the true nature of the imbiber.

In the video, Upton describes the women as calling them "fucking curry-ass bitches," and remarks that she "can't believe this is what America has become." She also attempts to rip the mobile phone from the woman filming her ugly outburst.