Which version of Old-School Essentials fantasy RPG rules do you need?

If you're interested in getting into Old School Renaissance (OSR) fantasy roleplaying, the go-to source for the rule sets that recreate Basic/Expert D&D and AD&D is Old-School Essentials. But looking at all the different products that publisher Necrotic Gnome offers, it can be confusing as to which book(s) or boxed set(s) you need. I know. I just went through this myself.

In this Questing Beast video, Ben runs through the different OSE offerings and outlines which rules you need as a player, DM, and whether you want Classic Fantasy or Advanced Fantasy.

So, what did I get? The Classic Fantasy Rules Tome. It's a clean-up and reformatting of the 1980s Basic/Expert rules, including all the rules, character options, spells, monsters, and magic items.

I'm not going to lie to you, I got a little misty eyed thumbing through my beautiful new hardbound "tome." My involvement in D&D goes all the way back to the original Basic Set and AD&D books.

Thumbnail image: Inset of Classic Fantasy Rules Tome cover art, Necrotic Gnome.