The trailer for the Weird Al movie is here

Biopics are a tricky genre to nail. If a filmmaker veers too far into the celebratory, the movie can venture into idol worship and deify the subject. In addition to being too respectful to their subjects by glossing over their flaws, biopics rarely pick an exciting vantage point from which to tell their story. Usually, biopics spend the first 40 minutes following a famous figure from the banality of their childhood through a linear progression of humdrum events that neatly lead toward whatever endeavor that earned them renown. They're typically just an Oscar-bait snooze-fest that you're practically conscripted to praise based on the person the film chooses to profile. 

With the trailer for Weird the Al Yankovic Story, we might have uncovered a new genre of biopics. Weird is a parody of biopics about a real person—who is famous for their parodies. Take a look at the wacky trailer in the video linked above.