They're about to make a Clue animated series

Established IPs and franchises rule the modern entertainment landscape. If you're an up-and-coming screenwriter looking to option a script, it'd be easier if you transform your screenplay into a comic or novel. Once your book gets published, you get to hope it builds a following that eventually earns you a call from a film studio. Pretty straightforward, no?

Aside from comics, books, and video games, another place Hollywood derives ideas for tentpole blockbuster films is amusement park rides. And if all the good roller coasters are taken, they'll make a movie about emojis. In the rare event that all of the best emojis have been optioned, Hollywood will resort to their emergency franchise generator: board games. 

Out of all the established IPs that act as a cornerstone for summer blockbusters and television shows, board games might be the least consistent. Take Battleship – please. However, of all the board game adaptations in Hollywood's past, Clue might be the best of the bunch, which is why we're about to get a new Clue animated series. 

No details about the premise of the animated series have been revealed beyond assurances that it will be "encapsulating the thrilling and suspenseful dynamics that have made Clue a global sensation for more than seven decades."