Movie tickets will cost $3 for National Cinema Day on September 3rd

Being a film fan is an expensive hobby. If you're trying to keep abreast of the major film releases within a single month, you'll probably end up forking over close to $150. And that's not even factoring in the outrageous cost of concessions and gimmicks like 4DX. Luckily, the quality and size of televisions are starting to catch up with the silver screen. In addition to better home viewing options, several streaming services are starting to offer same-day screening for films with a theatrical release. It's little wonder why movie theaters are beginning to feel the pinch of the digital age.

In an attempt to incentivize lapsed theatergoers, movie theaters are going to be slashing their prices to $3 on September 3rd to celebrate National Cinema Day. The promotion isn't just going to focus on one chain of theaters either, as over 3,000 branches of Regal, AMC, and Cinemark. If you had your eye on taking in a double feature, September 3rd is the day to do it.

Theaters want people to put away their Labor Day weekend picnic baskets and see a movie for just $3 or less on Sept. 3 in celebration of the first-ever National Cinema Day. More than 3,000 movie theaters will participate in the one-day event, which will apply to tickets for all formats, including Imax. Circuits offering the special pricing include AMC Entertainment, Cinemark Theatres and the embattled Regal Cinemas.