Twitter recommendation: Visuals of Earth

Visuals of Earth (@EaRT_VisuaL) will reorient your entire internal map of this planet—or create one anew for you on this rock we share, hurtling through time/space toward disaster and extinction. Or toward solidarity and care?

Flora, fauna, fantastical visions, architecture and landscapes, views that inspire, images that you won't have to revisit to remember, but will do so because memory loves company. The view from the drone, the underwater photographer, the inside of a cave – and you. Some of the many reminders of what is at stake in saving the earth.

This handle is scaled with the local wrapped in the global. From humans at the edge of massive cliffs and skim-boarding across fountains and down hills, landscapes that bring out the green eyes in CGI, to the animals we learn to love and learn about – like albino peacocks and extra-terrestrial looking moths, and the mysterious and colorful nudibranch.

Maybe you live in these places? Visited? What is outside your window? What visual of earth do you see? What visuals of earth do you want to see?