Elon Musk has turned Twitter into X: the Internet's Nazi bar

An NBC investigation has confirmed rampant Nazi glorification on the Xitter.

NBC has identified at least 150 Nazis with blue checks and untold thousands of swine who don't financially contribute to Elon's online Nazi safe space. While there are policies on the books to remove these hateful people and their hateful comments, it appears the company formerly known as Twitter is either lackadaisical or intentionally fails to enforce them.

NBC News found that at least 150 paid "Premium" subscriber X accounts and thousands of unpaid accounts have posted or amplified pro-Nazi content on X in recent months, often in apparent violation of X's rules. The paid accounts posting the content all consistently posted antisemitic or pro-Nazi material. Examples included praise of Nazi soldiers, sharing of Nazi symbols and denials of the Holocaust.

The pro-Nazi content is not confined to the fringes of the platform. During one seven-day period in March, seven of the most widely shared pro-Nazi posts on X accrued 4.5 million views in total. One post with 1.9 million views promoted a false and long-debunked conspiracy theory that 6 million Jews did not die in the Holocaust. More than 5,300 verified and unverified accounts reshared that post, and other popular posts were reshared hundreds of times apiece.

X's policies ban glorifying violence — a broad prohibition that X has sometimes used to take down pro-Nazi content and accounts. The rules also ban "praising violent entities" and say the platform will apply labels to hate imagery like swastikas. But NBC News found that X does not appear to be enforcing those policies consistently.

The findings are the latest evidence of a flourishing Nazi network on X under Musk's ownership. Previous investigations by news organizations and anti-hate watchdogs have documented many examples of antisemitism, white supremacy and support for Nazism on X.

NBC News