Why blogs are the heart of old school renaissance (OSR) gaming and how you can best follow them

This video is basically a glorified ad for subscribing to Ben Milton's Questing Beast YouTube channel and newsletter. But I'm OK with that. As he points out, the beating heart of OSR gaming online is the blog, not typical social media sites. And, it is from these blogs that the lion's share of the OSR games, zines, and other products are produced. To keep track of the dizzying number of such blogs can be intimidating, and there can be a lot of noise to signal.

As someone who tries to stay abreast of the OSR gaming community, I've found Ben's channel and weekly newsletter to be the best, most high-yield curation of this scene. If you have any interest in OSR, I encourage you to subscribe. He's about to do a drawing from his subscriber rolls for $100 worth of gaming goodies.