Video: Ukraine zoo's escaped chimpanzee returns home on a bicycle

Chichi the chimpanzee escaped her home at the Kharkiv, Ukraine city zoo and poked around the nearby streets before ending up in a public park where zoo staff found her. From The Guardian:

…When it started to rain she ran to a keeper, who put a yellow jacket on her. The pair embraced before Chichi was put on the seat of a bike[…]

Earlier in the war, Chichi had been evacuated from the Feldman Ecopark, an outdoor zoo on frontlines in the Kharkiv region.

Though Chichi still lives in relative danger, she was lucky to leave her former home at Feldman's Ecopark alive. More than 100 animals died before they were able to be evacuated, according to the zoo's owner, the Kharkiv businessman Oleksandr Feldman.

According to Feldman, six volunteers were also killed during the evacuation.